The Bedside Table

Since my last post about "what's on my bedside table," I thought it would be fun to actually take a look at some fun nightstands.
Lamps, books, photos and alarm clocks are just a few of the items that we have to have next to our beds. The bedside table, or nightstand is there to hold them in style.

A vintage faux bamboo table is one of my first choices for a nightstand. The one above works perfectly between the twin beds.

I prefer the look of mismatched tables, even pressing into service a chest of drawers.

I like the height of the table to be even with the mattress, but it's a matter of personal preference.

Astoria Guest Retreat eclectic bedroom

Although cute, this darling red table is just a little too low for my taste.

Another mis-matched pair of tables. I love this room for its black faux bamboo bed and blue walls. Looks like another chest of drawers on the left is doing double duty.

Love this idea too of just stacking vintage suitcases.

At first glance, this seems like the perfect setup since I like to read in bed.
But where are the lamps?

Sometimes a group of small tables will work well together.

My personal favorite bedside table is in the guest room in Asti. It is a Victorian seagrass table with lots of room on the shelf below for books.

Our master bedroom.
The table on the left is my side with all the books.
The table on the right is Mr. A's. His books are behind the doors of the cabinet that was given to us by his mom. Totally mis-matched!

My side, circa 2010. I was reading Anna Karenina at the time!

Mr. A's side, circa 2010. Trust me, it never looks like this!
He is a book and magazine stacker--sometimes a foot high!
And, the alarm clock is usually on his side...

My bedside table as it looks today. New wedding photos have been added to the collection. Oh, and the book, "The Space Between Us."

Talk to me. What kind of bedside table do you prefer and what do you currently have on it?
Better yet, if you are a bookworm, what book is on your nightstand!?

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