It's a Dog's Life

Minnesota Private Residence traditional kitchen
Recently, my friend and fellow dog mom sent me a few photos of ways to integrate the family dog into the decor.
While I'm not going to give up precious real estate in my kitchen to carve out a dog bed for Dexter and Bear, these are great ideas!

Seaside whimsy in Centerville, MA eclectic kitchen
Of course, this is the favorite photo, but not because of the feeding station.
You guessed it! Check out that gorgeous glass door Sub-zero.
But I digress!

John Bynum Custom Homes traditional

Bathroom renovation Vancouver | bathroom renovations Vancouver traditional bathroom
Having a pet shower in the laundry room would be so convenient!

If you've ever bathed a rather large dog at home, you know what I mean.

I'm sorry, I couldn't resist!
I mean, how cute is this Airstream dog house?

Beginning Monday, I'm pet sitting my daughter and her husband's dog, Bear for three and a half months while they go off on an adventure.
He is still a puppy and is super anxious when left alone. If I go to the store, he ransacks the house.
I bought a kennel yesterday, and I think he actually likes the security of the small space, so I'm experimenting leaving for short periods of time.
I welcome any suggestions....

In the meantime, Dexter is not amused by the young one!

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