Wearing Many Hats

I'm wearing so many hats lately.
M.O.B./florist/wedding planner/stylist...the list is getting longer! Today, I am the florist!
I started the day with a trip to the nursery to pick up 22 white hydrangeas.

In the flower shop/garage, I set up an example of the centerpiece that will go on the 60 inch round tables. I added moss surrounding the wood log slices to embellish.

Remember, the succulent wreaths will go on the taller kiosk tables.
Nothing to do here except insert the candle jar.

I clipped a few succulents from various arrangements around the house to experiment with adding them to the bridal bouquet.
First, I washed off the soil and clipped the stem about two inches from the plant.

I then inserted a wire into the stem and wrapped it with floral tape.

After wrapping three plants, I put them with the white hydrangeas to see if they actually will enhance the bouquet.
I think I'll keep it simple with just white hydrangeas for the bouquet.
It will have to be made the morning of the wedding....

Meanwhile, this is my first attempt at a boutonniere.
The two white Iceburg rosebuds, lavender sprig and succulent rosette came from my garden.

I tied it with twine to give it the rustic look that I'm going for.
Now, if it will keep in the refrigerator until Saturday. And, hopefully, the groom will think it's cool to wear. We'll see...Maybe this is the beginning of a new career!

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