Rustic Wedding Inspirations from Etsy

While everyone else is out shopping for Christmas gifts, I've been shopping online at Etsy for our daughter's wedding! Which is in 4 days, but who's counting?
Etsy has been my number one source for special, one of a kind, rustic decorations, like this moss covered ring pillow. If the bride and groom were actually exchanging rings instead of getting matching tattoos, I would definitely buy this from BraggingBags!

I did, however buy 100 of these little wooden tags to tie onto the canning jars from NHWoodscreations.

Vintage, Western Hatch Show Inspired, Wedding Invitation Suite
Even the invitations came from Etsy. Brian at MyBigDayDesigns worked with me to custom design an invitation similar to the one above.

We aren't having a sit down dinner, so there is no need for numbered tables, but I would have bought these clever burlap numbers if we were! From SophiasSignBoutique!

For chilling the champagne, this burlap covered bucket is fabulous!

I ended up with two sources for the log slices. One of them was Rustic Woodworking, and the other was from Etsy shop, DreamWithPassion. These will be placed under the centerpieces and can be re-used as rustic chargers later.

11 x 15 Rustic wood Cake Stand

I just love this rustic cake stand from RoxyHeartVintage!

I thought this was a great idea for party favors, but we are giving our Arabian Family olive oil instead. Still, this would be perfect for "spreading the love!" From DaSweetZpot.

I love the idea of a wedding banner, but I know there is no way I would get Ashley and her fiance to pose like this! Plus, I could make it in my spare time!

Spare time? What spare time?
Actually, I'm "enjoying the process" as Kathysue from Good Life of Design always says.
It's her motto, and I'm sticking with it.
Also, "keep calm and carry on" works too!

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