A Thanksgiving Retrospect

Looking back on Thanksgiving Day, I realize how impromptu the preparations were, both the table and the dinner.

I finally set the table a few hours before dinner using the same plates as last year, and flipped the tablecloth over to the reverse side.

I took the tired succulent arrangement off the kitchen table and added small birch candles in the spaces where some of the plants were struggling. Voila! An unexpected Thanksgiving centerpiece.

I like how long and low it is, allowing for conversation.

Although the table was set for twelve, we ended up having fifteen!
We all managed to fit.

Meanwhile, in the kitchen, the turkey was sitting in brine.

With so many cooks in the kitchen, the dinner somehow made it to the island for an informal buffet.

Besides the classic turkey...

...we also had ham.
We have never had ham before, but it was a real hit.
Thank you Rachel for requesting it. It will probably become a tradition in our house now!

One holiday down, check that box.
Looking forward to Christmas now!
I'm thinking that succulent arrangement works even better for a Christmas centerpiece, don't you?

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