The Futuristic Car of A.D. 2040

It is not usual for a home design blog to feature an automobile. But I guess it depends on what your definition of an automobile really is. Ever wondered about a day when your entire home is nothing but an evolved version of the ‘automobile’ itself? Sure, we have all seen self driving cars with cozy interiors in sci fi movies, but I think this concept by Mike and Maaike (a San Fransisco based industrial design studio) takes it to a whole new level. They envision the car of tomorrow to become a moving habitat that you live in and not just merely a machine to drive on.
 They call it ATNMBL a (short for Autonomous Automobile).

Here is a brief summary of features the ATNMBL would have:
• fully electric powered plus solar assist
• driverless navigation via GPS, Lidar, radar, accelerometers
• wrap-around seating for 7
• voice recognition and remote for real-time control/ input
• large display for info, searches, browsing, communication
• open-source software with downloadable apps for carpool and car-share through social networking, pre-loaded trips, city tours, virtual drivers, etc.
• live trip info on mini display
• electric door, standing height entryway
• electronically tinted windows
• all wheel drive with motors in each wheel
• very few mechanical parts (drive by wire)
• bar

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