Insanely Cool Car Garage Designs

Italian sports car manufacturer Maserati, in partnership with Architectural Digest Magazine recently held a contest that invited applicants to design a dream garage fit for parking a Maserati. The garage design contest received many interesting entries and Maserati just now announced the winning design. The winning garage design was by Holger Schubert from LA in US.

According to him, there were two main objectives in mind: to create a pure and restrained minimalist environment that allows one to focus on the car as a piece of art and to create the ultimate experience for the driver to arrive at home.

 His design approach seeks to redefine the relationship between car, driver and garage. Unlike the typical garage of today, the design redefines the notion of the garage from a space of storage to a place that exhibits the quality and prestige of the car. In concept, the garage is designed to refocus one’s attention on the car.

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