Sunday's Mindful Home

Our homes should be our sanctuary.
A place to leave our worries at the door, where our souls are nurtured.
No matter where we live, be it cabin, cottage, mansion or tent, there are ways to make our environment more comfortable, creating a sanctuary for ourselves and our family.
Here are a few simple suggestions:

Surround your senses with beauty.
Like the scent and glow of candles.

Or the sound of a trickling fountain.
Listen to music....

Surround yourself with beautiful art... that speaks to and nurtures your soul.

Bring the outdoors in.

Natural elements like pine cones and found bird's nests...

shells, rocks and twigs --all gathered from our time outdoors, bring a feeling of nature inside.

Bring plants into your home.

They filter the air of indoor pollutants...

... and are another way to enjoy nature inside.

Create an atmosphere of love.
Display photographs of family and friends.

The people you love and cherish.

Photographs of happy memories.

Claim your own space, a shrine if you will.
Cherished photos, a special book, the smell of a lavender sachet, candle or flower, provides a restful place that is personal and loving.

Set aside a place for spiritual reflection.
Whether it's a place in the garden...

...or a space in your home that provides peace and calm, where we can feel sheltered from the noise and distraction of the world outside.

A place to be quiet, pray or meditate and be thankful.

After all, it's a crazy world out there!
That's why we need, more than ever, our own private sanctuary.

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