Hanging Out With Leslie Sinclair From Segreto

Leslie Sinclair is in town!
Fellow blogger, designer, artist, business owner and now author!
Leslie owns Segreto Finishes in Houston, a company specializing in decorative finishes.
Her book, "Segreto, Secrets to Finishing Beautiful Interiors," is due out this month.

She is in town visiting my friend Heather, who is her sister-in-law, so we spent the whole day together.
First, we had lunch at Il Fornaio.
Next, a little shopping. . .

. . .Then to my home and backyard to sit and chat!

We talked about blogging--Leslie also has a blog called Segreto Secrets.
We both find it amazing how she first inspired me to blog, and then I, in turn inspired her to start blogging.

We talked a lot about how important it is for women to support and encourage each other through their creative and professional pursuits.

I'm happy to say that she signed the first copy of her book for me!

Thank you Leslie!

Stay tuned for more information about Leslie's book, including my interview with the author!
Read about my visit last year in Houston with the Sinclair Sisters here!

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