Family Photos Straightened Up

I noticed that the photo display at our flagship Pottery Barn store yesterday had all the frames lined up, facing straight.

I'm probably the only one who noticed this subtle difference.
Perhaps it's because I noticed photos arranged this way at a designer friend's house recently, and it left an impression. She had a skirted console table that was covered in silver framed black and white photos all arranged facing straight. It was fabulous!

As opposed to this arrangement which angles the frames.
This is how I usually display my family photos.

Across the street from Pottery Barn is another home store.
I noticed they didn't get the memo! Their photos are arranged at an angle.

So, I went home and straightened my photos!
They have always been straight on the piano, but not on my dresser.

My bedroom dresser went from this.... this.
Much better!

While I was straightening our family photos, I realized that I don't even notice them anymore.
Probably because they are the same old ones from the last 5 years. It's time to update the gallery!

These days, it's a miracle if a photo actually makes it into a frame. They are forever imprisoned in the digital camera, or the photo storage file on the computer. I'm making it a project to set free some very special photos, frame them and line them up on display!

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