Tuesday Inspiration: Glass Front Refrigerators

I'm obsessed with this glass front Sub-Zero.
In fact, I can't get enough of this refrigerator!

Any glass front refrigerator just makes my heart skip a beat!

It has been on my wish list for quite a while now. I've posted about my obsession before, but since finding new photos of kitchens with these refrigerators, I'm even more obsessed!


House Beautiful

One of my favorite kitchens is Joan Ross's kitchen from For The Love of a House.

She has the 36 inch Sub Zero in her newly remodeled kitchen. It's even staged beautifully inside!

Some people might not want the contents of their refrigerator on display. But I figure, if you can have glass front cabinets, then why not a glass front refrigerator?

Think of it as another opportunity to to create a beautiful vignette!
Vintage containers like this Jadite storage jar would look awesome inside, storing leftovers.

How fun would it be to display your milk in a jar like this?

Eggs would be stored in a porcelain container or a basket.

Even a vintage butter slab inside the glass door with an arrangement of veggies.
Kathysue from Good Life of Design calls it "fridge-scaping!"

But I digress!

What do you think? Could you do it, if money were no object?

Would you be brave enough to show the contents of your refrigerator for the whole world to see?

Then there is the cost. These refrigerators are outrageously expensive!
It is hard to justify the cost, but if you compare it to buying a car, it doesn't seem like a big deal.
Cars last only so long and need constant maintenance and expensive gas.

But actually, we could live without a car. But not a refrigerator!
A Sub-Zero Pro 48 refrigerator would last twice as long as a car and would only require some maintenance.

Maybe I should sell my car and buy a glass front refrigerator!
Yep, that sounds like a plan! Wouldn't it look great in my kitchen?

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