Plants That Thrive in a Mediterranean Climate

The garden and landscape in Asti is a little trickier than most to keep looking good, mostly because we aren't there all the time, but also because of the Mediterranean climate.

The front lawn is a perfect example. It was once an area that I couldn't get much to grow. Even my attempt at a lavender field failed.

Now with the lush lawn and fire pit, we love to sit here in the evening and watch the sun set.
With temperatures soaring in the 100's in the summer, the green grass is a nice respite.

There is also a grass area across the driveway with olive trees.
They thrive in this hot, dry climate.

When I planted the front lawn, I also planted more olive trees. Olive trees, white roses and rosemary. The tried and true plants that love the sun and also our well water.

When we bought the house, we were told that our well had significant amounts of boron, a natural occurring element that is toxic to most plants.
No problem, we'll just plant the few plants that don't care about boron!

Boron is supposed to be toxic to grapes, but our Concord table grapes are thriving!

The kitchen garden is a little trickier! Tomatoes grow, but zucchini, not so much.
Herbs also are growing. The boron doesn't seem to be toxic to them.

So far, by process of elimination, I have narrowed down a handful of plants that will grow in Asti's Mediterranean climate:
Olives, figs, Italian cypress, rosemary, lavender, roses, and a few veggies.

Tomorrow, I'll feature our garden at home, so stay tuned!

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