Garden Vignettes

As promised, here are a few vignettes from our garden at home.
Why all the garden interest? I'm hosting a garden party in October and am already thinking that some improvements are in order!

This area in particular could use some help. I haven't touched it in five years. Somehow, it has been on "automatic pilot!"

I'm not talking about a serious over-haul...

but adding a few plants here and there as needed.

In front, alongside the driveway, the 100 year old redwood holding court.

The hydrangeas are thriving underneath.

My favorite St. Francis watches over the squirrels that live above.

Opposite the redwood, the other side of the driveway is all white roses!

Yes, landscape design is on my mind. Not only am I hosting a garden party in October, I'm also designing a complete rehab for my friend Maureen's yard. Oh, and there is a surprise in store regarding our wine country home and garden.....To be announced soon!

I'm joining Cindy at My Romantic Home for Show and Tell Friday.
I'm also joining Courtney at French Country Cottage for the first time, for Feathered Nest Friday.

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