Kitchen Cabinets vs. Open Shelves and the Art of Display

The doors are open to this cupboard in my kitchen because I'm trying to get a feel for what it would look like without the doors. Just open shelving... this.
I saw this kitchen on a recent kitchen tour and fell in love! It was in an old house, like mine and I could tell how it had evolved without a major remodel. It looked like the doors were removed from the cabinets creating a cottage look.

Cote de Texas
I have also been in love with Sally Wheat's kitchen because of the open shelving.
I like how she displays her dishes; decorative items above and everyday dishes easily accessible below. If there were doors on the cabinets, it would be, well boring.

Another favorite kitchen with artfully displayed cookbooks and dishes.

It would certainly save a lot of money to eliminate upper cabinets if you were doing a kitchen remodel. Open shelving is not expensive to do.

It's not that hard to attach brackets to a wall and add shelves. Talk about "bang for your buck!"

Skona Hem
Love these shelves with iron brackets. And of course, the wonderful white ironstone.
Oh, be still my heart!

Apartment Therapy
I know, I know, way over the top! I threw this in to get your attention.
Still, it speaks to me!

Skona Hem
Keeping it simple, this open cabinet is more decorative with the lovely combination of ironstone, wicker and mercury glass.

Same with this shelf. Jadite and vintage tartan thermos bottles make for a unique display.

Both decorative and functional, this open shelving is casually, yet beautifully displayed.
Adding the paintings gives it texture and color.

This open shelving is a great way to display a collection of ironstone bowls.

But maybe open shelving isn't for you. What if you could have the best of both worlds and have open shelving in a walk-in pantry like Suzanne Kasler's.

My friend Lisa's open shelving is also in her walk-in pantry.

Another cool walk-in pantry, just off the kitchen. This would be so ideal.

Perhaps a more traditional display cabinet is your choice.

There is still the opportunity to display your dishes, except behind closed doors, keeping the dust out.

Which is a good thing when your house is in the country.
This is my kitchen cupboard in Asti. It provides a great place to show off my favorite pieces and stores all the glasses too.

Cote Ouest
Chicken wire doors are another option if you're not comfortable with open shelving.

House Beautiful
I like the juxtaposition of rustic chicken wire with the fine china inside.

Atlanta Home
Or, if you want to hide your dishes, solid cabinet doors are for you!

My kitchen at home was remodeled in the early 90's when the "unfitted" kitchen was just coming in to vogue. Hence, the unmatched cabinets.
I'm threatening to either take off the doors or take out the cabinets and put up open shelves.
Of course I won't do it, but seeing all the kitchens out there in magazines and blogland with open shelves does give me ideas!

I can't help but be inspired by kitchens like Kelley's from Polished Pebble, which is one of my favorites.

What is your preference?
Would you be brave enough to have open shelving in your kitchen?

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