Tuesday Inspiration: Window Boxes

Southern Living
I love window boxes! The problem is that I'm not good at keeping plants alive in them.
So, I'm always on the hunt for an artistic combination of plants that are easy to grow.
The window box above is just that--a combination that borders on art!

Sometimes it's easier to just keep them simple though.

Country Living

Southern Living
However, an abundant and colorful window box is my goal!

House Beautiful
Window boxes can make the simplest buildings, even a garage come alive.
I love their old fashioned charm!

In Italy last Fall, I noticed lots of flowers in windows. For Florentines, this is their one expression of creativity and ability to garden.

This Florentine balcony is so charming with its all white flowers in boxes.
Love the trailing ivy.

In this small Tuscan town, flowers were in every window and balcony.
Of course, everything looks better with a stone background!

At our home in the wine country, geraniums are planted in copper window boxes.

This time of year, they look good still! In a few months, they will look leggy and ratty...
At home, I have ivy geraniums too and I can't ever get them to look full and abundant.

When I was in NYC, I saw a window box that inspired me!
It was planted with dwarf boxwood topiaries. So, off we went last weekend to find small boxwoods. Lowes for $5 each!

Yesterday was "spring cleaning" and planting day. Out came the ratty geraniums, in went the new boxwood! In between the boxwoods, I planted white Bacopa.
A completely different look than the colorful abundance I'm always going for, but never achieve.

The best part of this tailored look is that I think I can keep the boxwoods alive. The Bacopa in between will eventually spill over and give the window boxes a more romantic feel.

I'm very happy with the results!

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