Got Tartan?

Happy Tartan Day!

The Irish have St. Patrick's Day, the Italians have Columbus Day, and now the Scots have National Tartan Day.
Although I'm not Scottish, I still love tartan, so to celebrate, here are a few of my favorite tartan images, recent tartan acquisitions and whatever else...

Starting with tartan wear, not to be confused with tartanware!
I love how tartan plaid can be both casual like this exquisite coat..

...and formal like this ballgown...

Isabelle Randall
...or this wedding dress!

And this wedding dress.

Both casual and formal, this dress rocks!

Gorgeous silk taffeta tartan dress and unmatching jacket.

Plaid Taffeta Skirt
Peruvian Connection
This silk taffeta plaid skirt is what I'm planning to wear for a friend's formal wedding next January!

Country Living
Tartanware represents the bibelots and collectibles from Victorian days, like this little plaid knife.

Jeffrey Bank's private collection of tartanware. I love those napkin rings! From Romancing the Plaid book, a photo of a photo...

I just bought this tartanware cigarette case on Ebay, to be used to carry business cards!

How about tartan upholstered walls?

Love this subtle blue tartan which mixes well with denim.

House Beautiful
Plaid sofas are perfect for this ski chalet.

House Beautiful
Isn't it amazing how plaid goes with everything?
I can't ever get enough of this room! Transferware, plaid and toile, it all goes with the graphic carpet!

Remember this photo from my Airstream post? How amazing is this?
Upholstered in tartan! From Romancing the Plaid book, a photo of a photo...

While I was in NYC, I wore my new Ralph Lauren wool tartan scarf/shawl. It was much appreciated during the two cold and rainy days.

My "go to" readers, another recent purchase from Jeffrey Banks was there when I needed to read those menus, price tags and the map!

When I got home from NYC, a package was waiting for me with this in it!
A follower of Vignette Design sent me her vintage lunch box and thermos, along with two long Pendleton skirts! She no longer wanted them and knew that I would appreciate them!
Do I ever! Thank you "R" for these wonderful tartan gifts!

Speaking of NYC, I wish I knew that the New York Tartan Day Parade is this Saturday, April 10th.

I would have gone a week later just to see this! Maybe next year...


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Check them out!

Still want more tartan? Geez!
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Now, go put on some plaid, ok?

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