Tuesday Inspiration: Seashells

Traditional Home
Following yesterday's post about cottage living by the sea, what could be more fitting for Tuesday Inspiration than seashells!

Seashells aren't just for nautical decor. Case in point is this lovely grotto located in Texas of all places! The homeowner, Emily Tracy-Haas loves incorporating shells into her home and the result is magical!

Traditional Home
It's like an art form. Some call it tramp art. The French call it coquillage. I call it beautiful!

Traditional Home
A close-up of Emily Tracy-Haas's fireplace. She transformed it by setting shells in the concrete.

Shells On Twelfth
I'll admit, this isn't for everyone, but I do appreciate the organic beauty of this fireplace.

Shells On Twelfth
A faux bois, shell studded garden mirror!

House Beautiful
A couple of shell encrusted obelisks looking regal in this dining room

House Beautiful
Annie Selke used this console in a master bedroom for her clients. It is from Currey and Company.

How fabulous is this bathroom mirror?

And this powder room mirror?

Barclay Butera
I know, I've shown this room before, but I love this mirror most of all!

This mirror was one of the many incredible shell art objects I saw last year at The Roundtop Antique Fair.

There was so much of it, I could have gone crazy. But I've learned, a little goes a long way with this art form.

I have managed to collect handful of seashell treasures over the years, like this antique shell studded box. I like it because the shells have an amber color. Notice the black stripe shells?

The box lives next to the vintage lamp, also encrusted with amber shells.

They all form a little vignette in the corner of the living room.

Close-up detail of my cherished antique seashell crucifix.

My latest find is this seashell tramp art lighthouse night light.
It's really quite funky and homemade, but I love it!

A few more pieces in my collection are a not-so-vintage frame from Z-Gallerie with a photo of my Mom and Dad...

...a pair of book ends on a nightstand in Asti...

...and a small shell framed mirror in the bathroom.

Then there is this! A summer centerpiece in Asti. I have the matching candlesticks too, and can't wait to do a tablesetting with this three piece set.

I love the earthiness of seashells. Ever since I was a kid, I've collected seashells. Shells from the beaches of Oregon, California, Hawaii and Mexico.
I love the idea of making something permanent out of them. Perhaps I'll attempt to create a little "tramp art" myself!

For more inspiration, buy this book! Shell Chic is the "bible" of shellaholics!

Be sure to check out Emily Tracy-Haas's website, Shells On Twelfth here.
Currey and Company has a wonderful collection of seashell chandeliers and accessories here.

I'm joining Cindy at My Romantic Home for Show and Tell Friday.

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