Design Bucket List #7 - Build a House From Scratch

Design Bucket List #7: Design, Build and Decorate a House From Scratch.
When I was a kid, I used to draw floor plans for fun. I could sit for hours poring over a book of floor plans that my grandparents had, then attempt to draw my own custom design. I was eight years old!

Not much has changed. I'm still fascinated with architecture and finding the perfect house that would meet our family's needs. I like the floor plan above because the master bedroom is on the first floor, which is perfect as we age and our knees won't let us climb the stairs anymore!

The second story with all the en suite bedrooms is ideal for a large family. The bonus room could be a gym. This house was perfect ten years ago, but now with grown kids coming and going, an aging mother-in-law and mother, I think the ideal house should have a cottage in the back.

A backyard cottage would be perfect should we have to take in Grandma! I really like the simple layout of this studio cottage.

Even though I like the floor plan to this house, perhaps a different fa├žade?

Although it's fun to imagine the perfect layout, I think actually building a house would be very stressful. I'm not so sure I'm up to the challenge anymore. However, I do know what I want and how I would want the interior to look.

A welcoming entry.

A lovely living room with beamed ceilings and large fireplace.

A dining room that would double as a library.

The kitchen would be industrial with a glass doored refrigerator.

The potting shed/mud room would be just off the kitchen.

The basement would have the perfect wine cellar, complete with tasting table and of course, wine!

The bathrooms would be something like this!

There would lots of transitional space like a sunroom or an enclosed porch from which to enjoy the garden.

The garden. There I am, tending the veggies. Wait, where are the chickens?
Where is the little cottage for Grandma?

Perhaps, something quaint like this! Oh, there's no end to the ideas and inspiration.
Thanks for indulging me this Sunday morning with my "build my own house fantasy!"

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