Decorating A Rental

It's been a long time since we have lived in a rental.
We bought our first house 27 years ago and I couldn't wait to paint, wallpaper and just decorate my heart out after years of renting, and now here we are again, in a rental!
The question begs, do I try to make our temporary home my own or just not care?
Can we live with an ugly dining room chandelier that we are constantly hitting our head on?

Can I make peace with the blue walls in the kitchen?
Do I plant flowers?

Do I unpack all my books?
The answer is yes, yes and yes.
I'm making peace with the blue kitchen walls but I unpacked the books because they give me comfort.
I'll definitely plant flowers in the pots outside!
The chandelier?  Well, I'm not sure yet!

I highly recommend taking the effort to make your home your own, even if you are renting.
If the landlord is ok with switching out a light fixture, then by all means do it.
Likewise if you are up to the task of painting walls, and the landlord agrees, then have at it.
Hang your favorite pieces of art.
Just know that you will have to fill those holes later and may even have to paint the walls again when you move out.
It just really depends on what you can live with.

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