Vignette Designing In Transition

 While our house was on the market, we have been making do with very little in our San Francisco flat that we're renting.
Every day, I bring more of the things that I love to our flat.

 These are items that didn't go to storage.
Items that make me happy to be around, like my bar cart--the first piece of furniture I purchased for our new home.

  I've been creating little vignettes instead of leaving everything in boxes.
Even if it means layers of clutter.  

 A folding Costco table is a place holder for our dining room table which should be arriving next week.
Notice the chandelier?  I'm thinking of switching it out during our stay.  It's just way too big and dangerous.  Also I hate it!

 It's been over 30 years since we've been renters.  

It will be nice when we get our sofas in the living room as sitting on the wicker settee is getting old!
I'm wondering how to make this flat feel like our home without changing too much.  I'm going for a casual, comfortable and cozy vibe
It's definitely going to be a challenge!

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