Restoration Hardware At The Design Center

I've been spending a lot of time at the San Francisco Design Center lately and my favorite place to visit there is Restoration Hardware for the quiet, calm effect this space has on me.
From the minute you walk into this courtyard, you are in another world!
Of course, I'm inspired to recreate this in my own courtyard.

Having a bubbling fountain on one end is a must.

 Growing "freeway ficus" on the walls is also a must!

 Inside the showroom, I am inspired by this bathroom, especially the tub.
While here today, I told my girls, Ashley and Kat that this is the new tub I'm hoping for.

 And while I love this double vanity, I feel that having storage is more important.
But still, I'm tempted...

 Just outside the bathroom is an enclosed mini courtyard with this fountain.
I wish...

 Walking through the showroom, there is another larger courtyard at the other end.
The outside mirror, surrounded by ficus is another great idea that I will try to do.

And although this fountain is too grand for my space, I'm loving it anyway.
When we walked out to this courtyard, Ashley asked if we could just sit here and listen to the water for a while.
  "I wonder if they rent this space out?  Wouldn't it be nice if we could bring our own bottle of wine out here?" she asked.
Somehow I don't think RH would think that's a good idea, Ash!

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