The Foyer Gets An Update

 It's been a very productive month as I continue with some home improvements that will ultimately prepare the house for sale in the future.
Yes, the time has finally come to downsize and I've been so consumed with that idea and moving forward with "our plan" that I've forgotten to blog!
So here's an update!

The entry with its apple green walls needed a neutral coat of paint.
Or at least that's what the experts told me.

I'm sad to see the apple green go, especially how it works with the dining room wallpaper.

I just closed my eyes, bit the bullet and let Bob the Painter do his thing.

I hate to admit it, but I like it!
I really do!

The drama of the apple green is replaced with a serene, calming off white that lets the architecture of the stairway stand out.

Upstairs, the green walls before...

...and now with the updated look.
I moved the cabinet to make more room in the hallway and replaced it with a console and painting.
I'm thinking a mirror would be better.

The new entry.
I hope it makes a good first impression!

Now that the entry is done, I'll tackle the closets next.
Stay tuned as I try to navigate a major move, lifestyle change and hopefully find time to blog!

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