Courtyard Love

There is a courtyard in my future, so now I'm obsessed with creating a lovely, intimate and private space for us as well as the dogs.  Of course the first place I go to for ideas is Pinterest!
Starting with the walls.
I love the idea of brick.

A wooden fence would be less expensive though and plants can be added to gussy up the space.
The pergola over this courtyard is another idea, especially for more privacy.

 I envision a gravel courtyard with a fountain.
Having a door to the outside is also a priority.

 This courtyard has it all.
Gravel.  Outside door.  Vines.

This is more realistic though because the stuccoed walls are a lot easier and less expensive to build than stone.  I like the arched door.
I would grow creeping fig on the walls or espalier ivy.

Here is my courtyard project.
The fences are mis-matched and falling down and I'm not a fan of the undulating flagstone.
However, lining the flower beds with boxwood would go a long way, especially if the fence was replaced with new fencing with espaliered ivy or a stucco wall.  The light fixture is being replaced and the French doors will be painted black.
I'm open to ideas!
Gravel?  Crushed granite?  Stucco walls?  Vines?  Pergola over the entire space?
Talk to me.... 

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