24 Hours In Asti

 Asti has alluded us most of the month of May.
There was a wedding one weekend, and relatives claimed it for two other weekends.
We managed to carve out a 24 hour respite though last Friday.

The weather was perfect.
Not too hot yet and not too cold either.

Early in the morning, I walked around with my camera in tow, just like the old days!
I love this time of year.  It's not quite summer and spring is coming to a close.
The garden is abloom!

 The succulents are looking good, despite the fact that they only get watered every two weeks!

The Boston Ivy is taking over the house, as is the lavender!

Oscar couldn't be happier!
He loves Asti!

And so do we!
Looking forward to our sixth Asti summer.
Let it begin!

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