The Guest House Living Room

In the warmer months of spring and summer, we like to sleep in the "guest house" which the previous owner intended for guests.
We like it for ourselves though!

It was originally a two car garage.
The front half is a sitting room with four french doors, providing views all around.

The sofa is actually a sofa bed which is great in a pinch when we have lots of overnight guests.

The trunk is packed with quilts and pillows for those times.

Hanging on the wall over the sofa are a dozen photos of the Italian countryside.

The living room connects to the bedroom through the bathroom, creating a large, private suite.

It is so quiet and peaceful with the view from our bed overlooking the oak trees.

Beyond the fence we often see deer, especially this time of night.

 In the morning, we walk the gravel path to the main house for coffee.   Sometimes, it's cold and rainy, sometimes it's foggy, but sleeping in the guest cottage is worth the cold morning walk!

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