I've Got The Blues

I've never been a blue person.  I've always felt that it left me feeling cold.
With the exception of blue denim, I rarely even wear blue!

But lately I've softened my position on blue, especially navy blue.

Nobody does blue as well as Ralph Lauren and he has always inspired me with his crisp navy and white rooms.

I recently fell in love with this blue and white paisley print from Pottery Barn which caused me to rethink my blue issue.

For me, blue should be dramatic if it is to someday end up in my home.
Baby blue won't do.

No, I'll lean towards deep midnight blue, navy blue or cobalt blue.

Perhaps blue will show up on a chair or pillow...

...or a collection of blue and white porcelain may find its way into my home!
One thing is certain, and much to my surprise, I've got a case of the blues!
Are you a blue person?

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