Don't Worry

Don't worry, I have no intention of getting rid of my tole chandeliers, especially this one!
I was curious though about what you all thought of tole--whether it seems "granny" or dated or just too much over the top.  In other words, would you put a tole chandelier in your home?

I believe a little tole goes a long way and that while it does fit my home, I scaled back a little when I replaced the large tole chandelier in the dining room with this wooden bead chandelier.
After all, I didn't want my house to be "the house of tole!"

Don't worry, I'm not going all beige on you all either!  I will always love florals, majolica and romantic decor and I'm quite confident in my style and what I love.  But sometimes we all need to edit and update.   
After all, I don't want my house to be stuck in a time warp!

 Because someday, this old house will be passed down to new owners who will have their own idea of how to decorate, based on how this house speaks to them.
And so I'm beginning the process of not only updating, but also preparing for the time when I have to let go of this old house, and the future of new beginnings. 
While change is good, it's also bittersweet. 

Thank you so much for all your comments and feedback.

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