Chaising My Dreams

One does not merely sit in a chaise longue, one lounges.
Which could be why it is mistakenly called a chaise lounge.
Whatever you call it, it says pure, luxurious relaxation to me.

The chaise longue which is French for "long chair," was also called a fainting couch in Victorian times, possibly because their tight corsets caused them to faint?

I love this traditional chaise with its button tufting which looks very sophisticated in this room...

...and yet this denim button tufted chaise looks very playful in this girl's room by PBTeen.

I've always been intrigued by the idea of a pair of chaises in a room.
Here, they fill up a sunroom where the view must be amazing!

Uh, maybe this pair should be looking out the window?

Chaises fit into so many different rooms.
Here, they're at home in a sunroom or enclosed porch.
Talk about daydreaming!

A chaise longue in a bathroom invites one to take your time...

 ...and pampers you with leisure time.
It's almost like a vacation!

 The same is true in a dressing room.
This room is such a fantasy.  I would seriously sacrifice a bedroom to create a dressing room like this, complete with a chaise longue!

I have an overstuffed, slipcovered chaise in my bedroom that is not lounged in often enough!  It seemed the perfect choice to fill up a corner in the room, but the added bonus is that there is a corner in our home to retreat to, read, relax and rejuvenate.
Perchance to dream....

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