Parisian Dogs

Parisians love their dogs!
It seems like they are welcome everywhere, in restaurants, hotels, boutiques and stores.
I read that there are over 300,000 dogs in Paris!

Since I love dogs too, Paris was dog heaven to me!

With my new lightweight camera in tow, I set out to photograph as many Parisian dogs as I could without upsetting their owners!

This little guy was so interested in us!

I even spotted a Tibetan Terrier who reminded me so much of my Dexter.

I'm not sure exactly what kind of dog this is!

At the flea market I spotted a dog that looks just like my Oscar!
He seemed quite at home at the flea market, roaming his little narrow street, greeting customers.

In fact, their were lots of flea market dogs...

...greeting customers,

And just looking cute!

If dogs aren't your thing, cats are also everywhere.

We spotted this kitty who lives at the Bristol Hotel.  
Ashley fell in love with her!

We went to a restaurant the last night who had a resident cat.
He has lived there for 18 years!
You certainly wouldn't find cats or dogs in a restaurant in the US!

Seeing all the Parisian dogs made me miss my fur babies, and when I got home, Oscar and Bear were so happy to see me!
But not as happy as I was to see them!

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