Confessions of a Challenged Packer

 When it comes to packing, I am extremely challenged.
How many coats, how many shoes, how many black pants?

Wouldn't it be lovely to just ship a trunk with everything you need?

 I would seriously pay someone to mentor me while I pack.
But instead, I'm torturing my daughter with text messages asking how many coats, how many shoes and how many black pants!
Do I bring the brown boots?
Do a bring heels?
How about an LBD?

 I ended up packing only black clothing and threw in some leopard pieces to shake it up.
And a few tartan pieces, like a scarf and a plaid lined jacket.

The challenge is to be comfortable, yet chic and not look like a tourist.
I'm traveling with three "fashionistas" so I want to blend in!
After all, it's fashion week in Paris!

We're leaving today and I'm humming that song!
"Leaving on a jet plane...."

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