"Turning 60 really isn't that bad" said no one ever!

"Turning 60 really isn't that bad" said no one ever!
I'm celebrating this milestone by not celebrating, at least too much.
No party, just lunches with friends, a few dinners out with friends, maybe an overnight getaway with a few friends--you get the picture.
Low Key!

I'm not the only one turning 60.  
Oprah turned 60 last week.  I heard she cancelled her party and opted for an intimate dinner party at home.
 Christy Brinkley turned 60 on Sunday.  I heard she celebrated by posing in a sexy swimsuit.
 Howard Stern turned 60.  I heard he had a big bash, but who cares about him.

My BFF Maureen turns 60 today too!
It's so nice to be able to embrace this milestone in such good company!
Here's to turning 60.
It's becoming quite trendy!

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