The Ultimate List For 2014: #7 Explore More

 Come on, let's pack our bags, bring our cameras and leave this town!

I hear adventure calling and have made a resolution for 2014 to explore more.
Yes, it seems I've acquired a bit of Wanderlust!

Whether exploring our City...

...Or going on a road trip, the idea is to go on an adventure.
Lots of them!

I have a few trips up my sleeve for this year, from Paris to Boston and everywhere in-between!
Some are still a fantasy and some are being planned.
The excuses are no longer valid, because life is too short to not get out and explore.

"Traveling--it leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller." ~Ibn Battuta

Where do you want to explore this year?
What stories do you hope to tell?

Let's go!

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