The Ultimate List For 2014: #3 Get More Exercise

 I have a million excuses for not exercising, but the bottom line is that I hate to exercise.  Period.
There I said it!

If I had an exercise routine, it would involve walking.
Walking is the one thing I don't mind doing, once I'm actually doing it.
Gyms?  I've joined a few with good intentions, usually around this time of year, only to stop going altogether after a few weeks.

No.  I don't run either!

 I've finally realized that I can't hide from exercise any longer.

It's time to get off my blogger butt, off my Pinterest butt, off my computer butt and "just do it!"

Since #3 on my Ultimate List is to get more exercise, that could mean anything from a long walk once a week, to full on running, plus weight training. 
I'm just going to take it a day at a time and do my best to get more exercise.
Who knows, I may even start to like it!  

I'm going to keep calm, set realistic goals and keep a journal to chart my progress.
Besides Oscar, I've got a few friends that will periodically join me on a walk, but otherwise I find listening to music really helps.  
The idea is to make it fun!

What is your favorite exercise routine?
I welcome any tips or pointers!

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