The Ultimate List for 2014: #2 Drink More Water

 Are you like me and have a hard time drinking enough water?
I always think I'm getting enough fluids with the amount of beverages consumed, but to just drink plain water--that's difficult.
Staying hydrated is very important and many of us walk around in a state of dehydration and not even know it.

My goal for 2014 is to drink more water, so lately I've been keeping a big carafe of water in the refrigerator that has a few lemon slices in it for flavor.  

It is better than the carbonated water I love and a lot less expensive too!
Can't remember how many glasses you drank today?
Do what my mother used to do and put 8 pennies on the kitchen windowsill.  
For every glass you drink, move the penny to the other side!

Does sparkling water count? I do love it so!
I'll save it for a treat when out for lunch or dinner.

Experts say that 8 glasses of water a day is needed to keep us properly hydrated.
Did you know that drinking water helps you lose weight, keeps you looking young by hydrating your face, helps build muscles and lubricates your joints?
Drinking 8 glasses of water also improves the brain's cognitive skills by 30%.
Drinking water makes us smarter!

Got Water?

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