Flashback Friday - Fishing Themed Tablescapes

This week I am once again a "fishing widow."
Yep, Mr. A headed north, way north, to fish some river in Canada.
While I'm not into fishing, I do love to set a fishing themed table!

This one is a favorite from 2010, set for a simple fisherman's luncheon, using Spode transferware and feather placemats.

I sat a ceramic fisherman whiskey decanter atop a stack of angling books for the centerpiece.

For a Father's Day table several years ago, I layered enamelware fly plates over enamelware faux bois chargers.

I used a wool tartan throw from Ralph Lauren for the tablecloth and French linen napkins.

Last winter, I mixed and matched the Spode trout plates with majolica and the same faux bois chargers.
I was going for a woodland stream effect down the center of the table.

It is fun mixing and matching my fish themed dishes, each time coming up with a new look depending on the linens and centerpiece.
However I mix it up, it still says "gone fishing!"

Want to set a masculine table for your favorite outdoorsman?
Here are a few of my favorite picks that I've curated...

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