Up On The Roof

 2013 is the year to finally bite the bullet and replace the roof on our house.
I'm very excited for the chance to change the color from red to black!

The red roof has been bugging me since we bought the house 15 years ago.
Now the roof is at the end of its 27 year old life.

A black roof will be a game changer, along with new gutters that are completely rusted out.
I'm thinking of a more traditional profile for the gutters too.

Did I mention that 2013 is also the year to paint the house?
Other than a few windows here and there, it hasn't been painted in 17 years.
I think it's time.
A black roof now opens up a whole bunch of possibilities.  
Like black doors and sashes on the windows, plus a darker color for the stucco.
It all begins next week.

Hopefully, it will all be done in time for the 2013 Showcase of Homes!

My home will be featured Friday, July 26th.
Stay tuned for more information!

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