Got Candlelight?

 Yesterday it occurred to me that I seldom light candles anymore.
Which is weird because I used to light candles every night.

Candlelight was present at every meal.

Candlelight was part of every tablescape I created.

 In Asti, candlelight was everywhere, making for a romantic ambiance that I truly miss.

 I hung candles in Mason jars from the Mulberry tree.
I remember their flickering flame and vanilla scent.

Warm summer nights...

...made even more special and romantic with candlelight.

So what happened?
Why did I stop lighting candles?

What could possibly replace the glow from a candle?

 The discovery two years ago of faux candles that not only flicker, but are made from real wax and even have a vanilla scent.
I bought them by the armful from Costco for a party and then later integrated them into my house.
Here they are marching up the stairs.

I put them on windowsills.

And on the table.

 And then I forgot how much I love real candles, because there are advantages to faux candles.
For instance, they won't start a fire if left unattended.
And they turn on automatically.
I have to admit, this is why I stopped lighting real candles!

 Also, the granddaughters love to play with them!

 However, they can't replace this!

How do you feel about faux candles, or are you still "old school" and light real ones?
Do you think it's ok to combine the two?
Either way, I'm making a promise to myself to start lighting real candles once again!

I'm joining French Country Cottage for Feather Nest Friday.

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