Dinner At Flora Farms

One of the highlights of our trip to Mexico was dinner at Flora Farms, a ten acre farm just eight minutes from San Jose del Cabo, Mexico.

 We arrived by cab just before sunset and immediately took a tour of the farm with its organic veggies and flowers.

Everything grown at Flora Farms is pesticide free.
I was in heaven, as this is my passion:  "Farm to Table!"

Just look at the lush produce, harvested just hours earlier.

I love their herb containers.

The cooks were hard at work in the kitchen preparing the most wonderful meal.

Their pizzas are out of this world!

As we sat listening to live music on the hay bale stage and waiting for our dinner to arrive, the cutest little dog went from table to table, hoping for a handout.  Apparently, there are many dogs on the farm, all strays that the owners have adopted.  

This is a true farm to table experience!

 Flora Farms recently built their own Culinary Cottages with sustainable straw bale construction.  They can be rented out for the week.

Sound interesting?  Here's a short video to entice you!

I think it would be a wonderful vacation, staying on a farm, harvesting and cooking your own meals.

Or just relaxing and enjoying the spa...

...and the pool.

For more information about Flora Farms, watch "A Day in the Life at Flora Farms" and visit their website here.

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