Everything's Coming Up Roses

 The Iceberg roses are in full bloom, and are they ever glorious this year.

 In fact, I don't ever remember so many blooms!

 Iceberg is my go-to rose because it is such a performer, is disease resistant and comes in every form, from climbing, bush and topiary or standard.

 And the bonus is that they're white, which goes with everything else in the garden.

See what I'm saying?

 A perfect rose.

 In the back yard, climbing New Dawn is just beginning to bloom.

 New Dawn is another favorite, prolific bloomer.

 Somehow this red rose snuck in to my garden!

The rose on the left is French Lace.
It has a wonderful scent!

The Cecile Brunner roses don't bloom much on the "tunnel of love."
Too much shade...

But they go crazy climbing the fence.
If only they bloomed all summer...

The first of many bouquets!

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