Design Obsession: Black Windows

 I'm totally obsessed with black windows these days!
I love how they frame the view and add contrast and interest.

 The architecture of this window stands out painted black.
Yes, it's a beautiful window/door, but it wouldn't be so dramatic if it were painted white.

It's like the windows are wearing eyeliner!

This room with the black windows and moulding absolutely takes my breath away!
Now, I'm being dramatic....

But that is the word that comes to mind here.

I like how edgy this entry is with the black windows and black door.
I'm so close to painting my entry door and side windows black!

It would look like this.

But I'm also obsessed with exterior black windows like this one.
I find myself driving around the neighborhood looking for houses with black windows.
There are very few.

Our house needs to be painted this year and I'm considering this color combination:
Dark taupe/gray for the stucco, creamy white for the window trim, eaves, columns and corbels.
And black just inside the windows, on the mullions--like eyeliner!
Yes, I know the color will fade and not hold up as well to the elements as white will, but what can I say:
I'm obsessed!

Can you see it?

For more black window inspiration, check out my Pinterest board here.

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