Garden Notes

 The wonderful thing about traveling is that you bring home all sorts of ideas and inspiration.
Visiting Charleston really inspired me to get outside and dig in the dirt.

 We've had so much wind lately that it's virtually impossible to be outside without risking your life!
Finally, the wind calmed down long enough for Oscar and I to access the garden and plan what needs to be done this spring.

 I'm so glad that earlier last month, we pressure washed the brick and washed the teak, which was a huge improvement.

 I cleaned up this obelisk while soaking up the sun, winding both ivy and morning glory around it.

 The Cecile Brunner roses are just starting to bloom on the fence.

The Santa Barbara daisies are blooming too.

 When I designed the garden over 10 years ago, I deliberately planted for low maintenance.

Azaleas, roses, daisies, lavender and hydrangeas continue to deliver year after year!

 The problem is that it gives me a false sense that the garden is just fine.

Oscar and I made notes of what to plant, filling in gaps and adding color where needed.

 As we sat on the outdoor sofa, we made a note to replace the throw pillows...

I think I can get one more year out of the stripe cushions.
Note to self:  Never, ever choose polyester outdoor fabric.  It doesn't last.
Always choose acrylic.  That's what Sunbrella is made of.

Oscar is exhausted from all the note taking!
And we're only talking about the back yard!

What are your plans for the garden this spring?

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