How Much Is That Pot In The Window?

"The one with the beautiful patina?" Asks Mr. A, as we stroll down Royal Street in the French Quarter.
I took him to New Orleans and he is loving the antique stores here!

He spotted these two gorgeous Anduze pots in the window of Antiques de Provence.
I remember seeing them back in January on my girl's trip.

There are more Anduze pots in their courtyard, signed by the artists and very expensive.

They are just gorgeous!

I love their courtyard with all the French pottery...

...and stone fountains.

There are cupboards full of confit pots and dough bowls.
I'm a little excited with their selection, especially the green confits.
They are so rare.

The shop girl set them aside for us.
I love the green confit pots and Mr. A is all about the dough bowl.
Still haven't "pulled the trigger" though.
Perhaps today we will go back and buy one of them.
Which one would you choose?
The dough bowl, the large dark green confit, or the small confit?

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