The "Best House In A Movie" Nominees Are...

The Academy Awards are on tonight, and I can't wait!
I love the red carpet, the gowns, the speeches, and am looking forward to the new host, Seth MacFarlane.

I only wish there was a category for "Best House in a Movie!"
There are so many beautiful iconic movie homes.
Here are a few of the nominees I've chosen....

 The Godfather
Located in Staten Island.

American Beauty
Located in Los Angeles, CA

 Father Of The Bride
Located in Pasadena, CA

Marley and Me
Located in Chadds Ford, PA

Almost Famous
Located in Santa Monica, CA

The Money Pit
Located in Locust Valley, NY

A Christmas Story
Located in Cleveland, OH

 Catch Me If You Can
Located in Pasadena, CA

 A Nightmare On Elm Street
Located in Hollywood, CA

It's Complicated
Located in Hidden Valley, CA

Something's Gotta Give
Located in Southhampton, NY

Steel Magnolias
Located in Natchitoches, LA

Mrs. Doubtfire
Located in San Francisco, CA

Home Alone
Located in Winnetka, IL

Practical Magic
Built on San Juan Island, WA and torn down after filming.

Which home would you give the Oscar to?

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