My Top Three Valentine's Day Love Songs

"You and me babe, how 'bout it...."

Happy Valentine's Day!
As a hopeless romantic, I'm a sucker for love songs!
Here are my top three love songs that I never tire of listening to.
Beginning with "Romeo and Juliet." Mark Knopfler sings about the famous star crossed lovers that would have Shakespeare keeping the beat!  Listen to the piano and guitar solo at the beginning and the end.

"Love comes out of nowhere babe, just like a hurricane... and it feels like rain."

 John Hiatt's "Feels Like Rain," about love in New Orleans is more than romantic, it's just plain sexy! 
So many have covered this song, but John is the real deal.

"Under the moon and the stars above, it was a perfect love."

This song about a lifelong love always gets to me.  My kids think it's the cheesiest song ever, but I never tire of it.  The guitar, Marc Cohn's voice and the surprise voice that joins his in harmony....
See if you recognize who it is.

These three songs are special to me because of the emotions they evoke when I listen to them.
They are my love songs.  They are our love songs.
Tell me, what are yours?

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