Introducing Oscar Wiley III

 His name was "Cotton" in the shelter, which is apropos, since he looks like a big scruffy cotton ball.
They said he was a stray, roaming the streets in a nearby city, which broke my heart.
After much pleading on my part, Mr. A agreed we could adopt him.

~ Introducing Oscar Wiley, III ~
Our 8 month old Maltese mix rescue dog!

Everyone loves him, and he loves everyone!

Even Mr. A loves him, which I knew he would.

He's very good with little girls...

...and big girls with big dogs.

He plays well with his new friends...

...and doesn't mind a bath.

We even took him shopping for mattresses, and he picked the perfect organic cotton mattress!

We wore him out!

I wonder if he realizes how lucky he is to have found a loving home.
But we're the lucky ones!
He is the perfect dog!

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