The Black Forest Prints In The Winter Dining Room

The Black Forest prints I bought in New Orleans arrived last week.
I had no idea where they would end up.

After trying several locations, the dining room seemed like the best idea because the wallpaper really made them stand out.

I've never seen anything quite like these frames.
The carvings are the size of a quarter, yet look at the detail.

Detail of one of the prints.
I believe it's a river in France.

I ended up separating the pair, the river scene on the right...

The deer sketchings on the left, over the cabinet.

For now, they are at home in the dining room which is in its winter phase with the mini Fraser Fir tree, pine cones, bird's nest...

...and pine cone candles.

And the new slipcovers!

"The Winter Dining Room"
Do you think it looks like Christmas still?
Uh oh, I'm feeling a tablescape coming on!

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