Let The Preparations Begin

 Yesterday, I checked lots of boxes in preparation for the gourmet dinner club tonight.
Whole Foods was my one stop shopping destination for the food we've been assigned to, as well as all the floral needs.

The first box to check:  The Centerpiece!
This is a real tablescape, so the centerpiece had to be low, and I kept it simple with a planter of herbs.
The herbs don't compete with the purple theme and they can be used later for Thanksgiving when seasoning the turkey and dressing!

 With various containers sitting empty around the house, I needed to fill them with something that would last, perhaps even into December.
Whole Foods had lovely Christmas greens which are so fragrant!

 In the living room, I used potted plants like this "antique" hydrangea in a faux wood pot.
I lined the pot with burlap instead of moss.

 Purple orchids for the prized Victorian urn, inherited from Mr. A's mother.
Notice, the curtains?  Yes, they arrived just in time!

 White orchids between the chairs.

 In the powder room, I filled the tartan urn with more fragrant holiday greens.

 Ah, they smell heavenly!

Let the preparations begin!

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