The Dressing Table

"It is stated that nothing is more revealing of a woman's character than her dressing table..."

"The average woman is proud of her dressing-table, the toilet appointments, besides being necessary are nowadays a source of beauty."

Does that sound a bit old-fashioned? 
That's because it was taken from an article written in 1937 for the New Zealand  Railways Magazine!

 I visited a client recently who needed help deciding how to arrange all of her furniture since moving from her large home in the South to a little apartment in California.
The one piece of furniture that she would not get rid of in her bedroom was the vanity.  She sat there every morning and applied her makeup and styled her hair!

I suggested that she could do that in her bathroom like I do.  But being an old-fashioned southern girl, she was not letting go of her dressing table!

I wish I had a dressing table now!  Mine is technically the bathroom counter where I've at least gathered all the elements together. 
Of course, it doesn't always look like this, since I have to share the space with my husband! 

Perhaps my client was on to something!
Wouldn't it be a luxury to have your own personal vanity?

It wouldn't have to be elaborate.  A simple skirted table would work.

A romantic skirted table like this one!
Just add my antique mirror, perfume bottle collection and voila!

What are your feelings about dressing tables?
A necessity or old-fashioned?
I'm thinking an old-fashioned necessity!

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