Industrial Chic

Funky Junk Interiors
Lately, I've become a fan of industrial style. 
Not that I want to start adding a whole new element to my home, but adding a piece here and there definitely spices things up.

The City Sage
For example, a rusty, crusty metal piece like above would be such a workhorse in a kitchen or a bathroom.

A Well Traveled Woman
And how cool would this old school locker be in a kid's bedroom or bathroom?

Speaking of bathrooms, this new industrial cabinet that Mr. A found at a San Francisco consignment store packs a punch in the powder room in Asti.

My biggest challenge is what to put in it!
It really needs to be in a bathroom that has a shower so I could fill it with stack of white towels.

Isn't it great though?
Our first (and only) industrial piece of furniture!

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