Fall Vignette: Amber Glass

 A few months ago, I bought my first vintage amber bottle.  As we were driving through a small northern California town, I yelled for Mr. A to pull over.  There on the side of the road were tons of vintage bottles.  I could have gone crazy, but bought just one bottle.  Amber with a fish on it!

My son-in-law remembered that bottle and gifted me with a few more that he found at Goodwill!
Now I have a collection!

 I just love how beautiful they look with the sun streaming through, casting an amber glow.
It only seemed logical that they should be displayed in a window.

 They compliment the soap dispenser at the kitchen sink which is also amber!

This one is by far my favorite.
It is from Edinburgh, Scotland and I love the crest of two deer and a dog. 
Not sure what it contained originally, but it does state that it's against the law to reuse this bottle.
I'll just have to take my chances!
All of a sudden I'm seeing amber everywhere!
Recently, HauteLook featured these vintage bottles for sale on their website for $139 for the collection.

I never intended to start collecting amber glass, but have realized that I've always been drawn to the their color.  Originally produced as apothecary or pharmacy bottles, they would add interest in a bathroom holding lotions or even flowers.  
For now though, my two new vintage bottles from my son-in-law are adding fall interest in the kitchen!

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